Welcome to Leeds Community Foundation

Our goal is to create a healthier, happier Leeds where hardship and inequality are things of the past and where grass roots projects can blossom. We connect those who care passionately about Leeds and its people.  We form partnerships between community groups that are making a difference and the people who wish to invest in a better future for our city.

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Caring for the Elderly

An aging population is one of the most significant issues the city will have to face in the future with dementia, depression and lack of mobility being specific problems which are likely to increase over the coming years.

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Investing in our children

Over 23% of young people in Leeds are living in poverty and over the last year we have given out over £1m worth of grants to community groups and projects supporting children that are living in challenging circumstances.

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Health & wellbeing

The difference in the health of individuals in deprived areas of the city compared with those in more wealthy areas is startling, with people living an average of 10 years less.

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Our Yorkshire Venture Philanthropy Programme harnesses the power of social enterprise activity addressing social issues, helping groups become more sustainable and creating jobs.

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