Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund re-opens for applications

Feb 08, 2017

Under the Owls Festival - funded by Ann Maguire Arts Education FundCommunity projects and individuals from across Leeds have the opportunity to apply for grants and bursaries from the Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund. Set up to honour the memory of local school teacher, Ann Maguire, and to develop the aspirations of young people, the Fund which is managed by LCF has raised over £200,000.

Bursaries of up to £500 will be available for individuals aged between 11 and 18 who live in Leeds, have a talent in the arts and who would struggle to pursue their passions without financial support.

Larger grants of up to £1,500 will also be available for community groups and projects across Leeds that offer innovative and fun activities to allow young people to get involved with the arts.

The Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund has already supported a variety of inspiring arts community projects, including initiatives such as Under the Owls Festival and Opera North’s ‘Explore On’, which provide unique opportunities for young people to embrace the world of arts and culture at no cost to them. The Fund has also granted a number of bursaries to help individuals attend youth theatre groups, travel to dance studios in London, continue singing and guitar lessons, and progress their song writing skills.

Emma Maguire said, “We are excited to re-open for applications and ensure the generous donations received so far go towards funding projects that make the arts more accessible to the young people of Leeds. The Fund supports community based arts projects that develop a child’s creativity. Whether they are learning a new skill or developing a talent, we want to inspire many more young people to ‘get creative’ and experience the positive impact the arts can have.”

Kerry Maguire added, “We will continue to open the Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund for applications on an annual basis to ensure people have the opportunity to access funding each year.  We are so grateful to everyone that has supported the fund to date and are delighted to be able to continue supporting young people as they embark upon their creative journeys. If you or your project needs support, we urge you to apply.”

The arts can provide a whole new world of inspiration for young people.  The Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund enables individuals and community projects across Leeds to deliver creative activities and for young people to access opportunities that they would not be able to without financial aid. LCF are proud to support such a fantastic initiative!

Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund -LogoThe Fund is open for applications until 12 noon on Wednesday 22 March 2017. Grants criteria and application forms can be downloaded from the Foundation’s website:

For more details about the Fund, or to donate to this great cause, visit:


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