PR and logos


We ask groups and projects to demonstrate their support for Leeds Community Foundation and our partner organisations by using our logos on your marketing materials and websites.  You can download our logos directly from this section of the website and find more information on how to use it here LCF Brand Sheet.  The colourful logos relate to specific themes depending on the type of charity work you undertake:

  • Red – groups tackling issues around breaking the cycle.
  • Orange – care for the elderly.
  • Pink – children and young people.
  • Green – health and well being.
  • Blue – enterprise.

Please feel free to use any of the above, or alternatively use the black on white logo, or the white on black if you are using a black background.  Please call us on 0113 242 2426 if you have any questions relating to the use of the logo.


We encourage all of the groups that we support to get good publicity for the grant, and your project.  Please do send us copies of any press articles or promotional material when you submit your measuring impact forms. We love to share your stories!

Download Our Logos