Child Friendly Leeds Fund

Leeds City CounChild Friendly Leeds Fundcil’s ambition is for Leeds to be the best city for all our children and young people to grow up in. Child friendly Leeds is the initiative for everyone who shares this ambition, from enthusiastic individuals to large organisations, every contribution counts and we can all play our part in making a difference.

The Child Friendly Leeds Fund has been established to enabled local businesses and individuals to help make a difference,  providing learning and enrichment opportunities for children and young people from vulnerable groups.


What difference will the fund make?

A donation to the Child Friendly Leeds Fund will help to support a range of young people in our city:

  • looked after children;
  • young people leaving local authority care;
  • children and young people with special educational needs (up to age 25);
  • children on the edge of care;
  • new arrivals (migrant children); and
  • children living in poverty.

The Fund is not open for applications at this stage. We are currently raising money for the Fund and will announce as soon as this is available for distribution.

Child Friendly Leeds: play your part! 

DONATE today or visit the Child Friendly Leeds site for more details on this initiative and how you can get involved.


Child Friendly Leeds