Compliments & Complaints Procedure

We are committed to providing a high standard of service in everything we do.  We really value your opinions and feedback on how we measure up to these high standards.  Your comments, both positive and negative, are very important to us.

  • Positive comments and experiences help us recognise, record and learn from good practice so that we can improve our performance in the future.
  • Negative comments, arising from mistakes we have made, give us the chance to put things right and, importantly, help us improve.

When we do well

We are always pleased to hear when we have done something particularly well – if you have a positive comment about us and our work, please email

When things go wrong

Leeds Community Foundation has an effective procedure for recording and dealing with your complaints.  Please see our Complaints Policy and Procedure.  If your complaint is in regard to a grant you have applied for, please contact our Programmes Director, Pip Goff, by calling 0113 242 2426.  If your complaint is more general in nature, please email