We provide a personal service for individuals, families and companies by helping them invest their money, time and/or skills to help meet the specific needs of local communities in Leeds. Our local expertise enables us to match their values, passions and interests to develop funds that support specific local projects that are either helping tackle key issues or enhancing the quality of life in some of our most disadvantaged communities.


How we can help you to give


Individuals & Families


We work closely with individuals and families to develop their philanthropy and have developed a very flexible approach depending on the donor’s specific needs. Individuals who wish to give over £25,000 can set up a Named or Memorial Funds – which let you get directly involved in community philanthropy without the need to set up a separate charitable trust. You can name a fund after yourself, a family member or friend or a company or organisation.


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Whether you have an established CSR plan and team or not we can offer you a simple, flexible and effective way of making a difference in your community. Through our community consultancy service businesses can learn more about community investment and available giving options. Businesses can also select as their ‘Charity of the Year’ or get involved with our work via The 100 Club.  


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Professional Advisors


We don’t profess to be expert advisors in legal or financial issues, but we are experts about charitable giving, community needs, and finding or creating effective solutions that have the greatest impact. We work with a number of firms of solicitors, accountants and wealth advisors to meet a variety of client needs.



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Trusts & Foundations


We help charitable trusts and foundations give to local groups and individuals in a focused and strategic manner. Using our local knowledge we can provide help where you need it from promoting your own grants programmes to local groups through to providing a full grants management service.



We would be really pleased to hear from you about becoming a donor. Call us at 0113 242 2426 or contact us at