Health & Wellbeing

_DSC2582The difference in the health of individuals in deprived areas of the city compared with those in more wealthy areas is startling, with people living an average of 10 years less. Whilst statutory bodies are responsible for delivering on the key areas of health, charities also perform a fundamental role in providing services. In the last year alone we distributed over £800,000 in grants in this area, either enabling groups to get important projects off the ground or helping them to keep running.

Through our Birthday Impact Fund we are raising to invest in a wide range of community projects that will improve children’s general health, living circumstances and address the most significant issues facing local people.

Donations to the fund will support the following areas:  

  • Obesity
  • Physical disability
  • Mental health
  • Innovative health solutions

Read our research and find out how your support can make a difference.