Mark Emerton

mark emerton








Mark Emerton is an orthopaedic surgeon in Leeds, working at Chapel Allerton hospital. He arrived in Leeds in 1999 from Oxford (his wife is from Yorkshire) and was appointed clinical director of orthopaedics in 2001.

He was instrumental in the development and opening of the elective orthopaedic centre at Chapel Allerton in 2005, following which he worked at the NHS Institute for Improvement and Innovation as lead for Delivering Quality and Value in Orthopaedics.

He has a specific interest in measuring the impact of change and improving the safety of healthcare and was a senior member of the faculty for Leading Improvement in Patient Safety, a national programme of training in designing and delivering safer care.

He led the campaign for Safer Surgery in hospitals around the country as part of the Patient Safety First campaign and was a senior clinical advisor at the National Patient Safety Agency.  Having run the London marathon and cycled over the Pyrenees he prefers to be on his bike and enjoys walking the dog, great food and finding pubs in the dales.