The Funding Network

The Funding Network
The Funding Network is comprised of a group of individuals who share the same desire to support projects that promote social change. For the past 5 years, Leeds Community Foundation has worked with the Funding Network to put on the evenings with great success – they are always inspiring and successful events!

How does it work?
Funding Network events showcase edgy groups that find it more difficult to receive funding. Five charities each give a  six minute “pitch” about a project that needs support. The audience hears directly from the charity and is then able to ask questions. It is always interesting to hear the questions that people pose and how differently they think about the groups’ proposals. Then, with the charities out of the room, the audience members decide which – and how – they want to support.

A Funding Network member leads the bidding and this part is very exciting!  It’s very like bidding at an auction, with people throwing their hands up and bidding the amount that they want to support the charity.  At the front of the room a ‘total-iser’ keeps track of how much is being raised for each group’s project.  As a rough guide, the charities usually get around £5,000 and at least £25,000 is raised for great causes during the evening.

This fun, energy-filled evening is a chance to hear some inspiring presentations and to meet some of the extraordinary people working in our neighbourhoods.

We would love to work with you! Please contact Amanda Bennett at 0113 242-2426 or

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