Why Give Locally?

Every penny raised in Leeds will stay in Leeds, supporting and benefiting the local economy.

LCF Image (2)There are many important needs and great causes right here on our doorstep and we would like to use them to inspire your charitable giving.

Local community and voluntary groups can reach parts of the community that other sectors just can’t meet, tackling really difficult issues and having incredibly positive impacts. Sometimes a small change makes a really big difference in a person’s life.

You can see, at first hand, just what difference your gift is making by visiting the projects and meeting the people who are putting your gift to great use.


Why give through the Leeds Community Foundation?

With over 3,000 community groups and charities in Leeds, it is not easy knowing where to start. Our expert, local knowledge means that we can provide you with all the information you need, whether it be about local needs, what groups are tackling which themes or working in specific areas of the city.  We help ensure that your giving is targeted and effective.

Kidz Klub bus– We offer a personal service, with tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

– Through us you can join a network of people who share a passion for the City and who are committed to making a difference.

– We make giving to your community simple.

– We help you make a bigger difference.

Discover all the ways we can help you to give.