About us

What we do

Leeds Community Foundation supports thousands of charities and voluntary groups across the city addressing inequalities and working together to help create opportunities for those that need help the most.

As part of national network, UK Community Foundations, we invest in these groups by distributing grants and sharing advice – acting as a catalyst for positive change. Leeds Community Foundation relies on the generosity of individuals, businesses and public sector organisations helping local people to gain the support they need now, while investing in a brighter future for all. ​

Our Vision

Leeds Community Foundation is creating a city of opportunity for all. We work together with partners to create positive change with the communities that need it most, by investing funding and expertise to build a better future now.​

Our Impact 2017-2018

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Our Stories

Meet Bob

‘My wife and I moved into a bungalow down the road from here. After being told about Armley Helping Hands. We started coming to luncheon club every week and Memory Lane Group after Sybil got diagnosed with…

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Meet Rabia

“I was born and brought up in Leeds. My parents are from Bangladesh. I come from a big family. We grew up on the same street and my siblings all live in that same street; three brothers and three sisters. Before I got…

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Meet Stefan

“Before I got to know about CATCH, I was a bit of a bad boy. It was especially bad when I didn’t understand the language. I didn’t know the rules or who to follow. I got into fights defending…

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