Named Funds

What is a Named Fund?

Named Funds provide a simple alternative to establishing an independent Charitable Trust, allowing you to give back to your local community and make a genuine and positive impact now and into the future.

We manage a portfolio of Named Funds across Leeds and Bradford on behalf of individuals, families, business and statutory organisations, as well as national funders such as The Pears Foundation and The Henry Smith Charity.

Leeds Community Foundation handles the investment, correspondence, compliance and governance checks, helping to direct funding to charities and community projects that match fund holders’ values. Our aim is to help you to support high impact grassroots groups, making a real difference in our communities.


Types of Named Funds


Immediate Impact Fund

A simple way to direct your giving and start supporting community projects immediately.

Endowment Fund

A permanent charitable fund through which grants are made solely from the investment returns.

Why set up a Named Fund?

Named Funds enable you to consolidate all of your giving in one place, with many additional benefits:

Tax smart – immediate tax benefits for individuals and families

Return on investment – trusted financial and wealth advisors manage our endowed funds, enabling you to grow your charitable giving over time

Create a family legacy – you can pass your Named Fund onto your family, so future generations can build on your charitable legacy

Cost and time effective – you can consolidate all of your giving in one place, protecting you from a barrage of charity requests as we deal with the administrative hassle for a minimal management contribution

Increase your community knowledge – with over a decade of grant making experience, our professional team can introduce you to a range of grassroots projects you may not be aware of, but have the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of local people

Meet some of our Named Fund Holders

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Meet the Heselden Family

“We were all born in Leeds and are very proud of the city. People are friendly and look out for each other. I guess this is why Jimi was drawn to Leeds Community Foundation in the first place…

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Our Fund Holders