Meet George

“I was born in Bradford. My father was from Afghanistan, he came over in the 50’s. I’ve always been a Bradford lad. I’m proud of my city. I had been on speed since I was twelve…”

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Our Third Sector Health Grants

We are very proud to have partnered with the NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups Partnership to develop a new Third Sector Health Grants programme, which saw £2.3 million…

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Meet Dudley and Maureen

“We started coming here towards the end of last year. Dudley got diagnosed with mixed dementia. After having lots of meetings and talking to various organisations they told us about…

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Meet Juliana

“I was introduced to IN:CHARGE through a friend. She works for Leeds City Council and she got an email telling her this course was starting. It was a new project run for people to learn…

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