Meet Sam

“I’m quite resilient. Being in the army for five years taught me that. I don’t give up easily and always want to keep going…..

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Meet John

“This area doesn’t have much really. But what it does have is this community centre. It’s a great place for meeting people….

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Meet June

“I’m out of work at the moment. I’m volunteering at a place. So, I’ve been using the job service to look for jobs. ….

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Meet Yvonne

“I couldn’t believe I was out on a Sunday. I’d normally be stuck indoors, watching TV or something….

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Meet Elona

“This place has changed me a lot. Everyone has problems. But we leave our baggage at the door. Everyone is respectful of everyone else…

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Meet Go Higher West Yorkshire

“With the day to day support of the Foundation’s team, we have been in safe hands – it has been an extremely straightforward and positive experience throughout and one that has felt like…

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